COVID-19 Response

The current environment  of Covid-19 has the traditional way of hosting parties impossible. Yay Yay’s is about making sure people’s milestones in their lives are celebrated with elegance, ease,and being unforgettable for both the host and their guest. In a time of social distancing does not mean we stop celebrating the lives we are lucky to be still living. We have a protocol with social distancing in mind. One we will stay current with all cdc protocol.  Second we have a general practitioner doctor that consults and advises on our service. Third we have intimate gatherings so as to keep your circle close. Fourth at the entrance of all our parties is a beautiful coordinate decor hand sanitizing table. Fifth all our servers wear gloves. Not latex gloves but the traditional serving gloves of fine dining. Sixth is all our food plated for buffets will be done in individual plated vessels. That way to cut back on multiple people in proximity to food. And  we will have a buffet attendant whose sole job is to ensure the upkeep of the buffet. And lastly all of our staff have been Serv Safe certified to ensure the highest standards are kept at all time.