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Enjoy your home like never before

COVID-19 has made all of us change the way we interact socially with others. The one thing many of us miss the most is the experiences we share at the various events we use to take for granted. Now Yay Yay’s is proud to introduce our solution: Yay Yay’s Home Event Kits

With our Home Event Kits you get the following

Kits are available for delivery in Davidson and Wilson Counties. A pick up location for those living out of those areas can be arranged.

Let Us Help You Make Your Home The Ultimate Event Space

Our Home Event Kits

In Nashville we consider Brunch a sport. It is one of the best times to spend with friends and family. Do not let this amazing tradition stop and host the brunch of your dreams right in your very own home. Order Today.

Even through tough times we still need to celebrate the important moments of life. Birthdays, Engagement Parties, Celebrating a Job Promoting, these are special events that we want you to still be able to enjoy with those around you. Order Today.

Do you miss going out to dinner. Enjoying a well prepared meal with your favorite people at an amazing restaurant is something we used to take for granted. Allow us to help you recreate that experience at home with our Casual Dinner Kit. Order Today.

Sports is back, and even though you cannot tailgate like you want to, we can help you set up the best homegate possible. This kit is also great for just wanting to enjoy your backyard deck or patio. Order Today.

Even if your local watering hole is open, you may not be ready to be in a crowd of drunken strangers who are not socially distancing. Let us help you make your home the best place to hang out and have some cocktails. Order Today.

You Can Still Enjoy YourSelf

We are dedicated to providing the best experience for you and your guests while allowing you to be safe and responsible. 

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