Yay Yay’s menu is creole menu influenced by French, African, and Spanish cooking. We take advantage of our close proximity to local Tennessee and Kentucky farmers.


Appetizers and small plates

  • Chermoyla Shrimp – Grilled jumbo wild caught shrimp skewers seasoned with a piquant mix of herbs and chilies. 
  • Lamb Meatballs – Fresh lamb shoulder ground and seasoned with a traditional spice called zatar.  The lamb meatballs are then finished in a pomegranate reduction and garnished with cilantro and pomegranate seeds.
  • Chicken Shish Kabobs –  grilled boneless skinless chicken thighs marinated in lemon, garlic and olive oil. 
  • Kafka sliders – Kafka is the Middle East or version of hamburgers seasoned with Cumin  cinnamon garlic onions mint cilantro parsley and  served on slider buns with tomato and arugula and tatziki.   
  • 3 Dip Trio –  Pick 3 dips from the following list and served with fresh pita, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, and radishes. Choices include a smoked eggplant puree, traditional hummus, labneh yogurt, a blistered tomato harissa spread, whipped feta with black pepper and honey, and roasted beet goat cheese dip. 
  • Crispy potato cakes – Yukon gold potatoes with green onions served with goat cheese.
  • Falafel – A traditional street food made of chickpeas, garlic, parsley, and mint. Fried like a fritter served on a cucumber with a tahini garlic yogurt sauce.
  • Olive and cheese grazing board – an array of local cheeses featuring a cows milk, goat and sheep and 3 kinds of olives served with honey and lavash crackers.

Lunch options

  • Deli platter – Sliced turkey, ham and roast beef with cheddar, Swiss, and pepper jack. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles mayo and dijon mustard. Served with an array of sliced breads and rolls. Sides include a seasonal fruit platter, Israeli cous cous pasta salad and house made zatar potato chips.
  • Salad bar – this salad bar consist of 4 composed salads with your choice of protein. The first salad is a roasted chickpea and carrot salad seasoned with cumin, turmeric, fenogreek, lemon and olive oil. Second salad is a massaged kale salad with a tahini ginger dressing with radishes and sesame seed brittle. Third salad is farro with grape tomatoes, feta, red onions, cucumber with red wine oregano Vinaigrette. The last salad is roasted beet with oranges, fennel, and arugula. Served with your choice of grilled chicken, beef, or harissa salmon.  A soup can be added also a choice of moroccan vegetable or chicken cous cous. Served  with pita bread.
  • Casablanca meat and three – choice of one meat. Tangine chicken, beef tender with apricots, and harissa salmon. With 3 sides. Cous cous, saffron rice pilaf and peas, sautéed chard and garlic chips, harissa roasted sweet potatoes, Israeli salad, green beans and tomatoes, roasted mix vegetables and Tabouli
  • Boxed lunches – choice of turkey and Swiss on wheat with lettuce and tomato. Roast beef with blue cheese arugula and red wine onions on onion roll, and vegetable wrap of grilled vegetables with hummus. All boxed lunches come with chips, whole fruit and snickerdoodle cookie.
  • Shawarma spread- grilled traditional gyro mix, chicken mix, and pepper squash mix served with rice pilaf, Israeli salad, and Tabouli served with pita.

Dinner options

These options are designed for plate ups but can also be served family styles

  • Grilled beef tenders served with apricot red wine Demi on cous ous with sautéed chard with garlic chips.
  • Preserved Lemon Cornish game hen served with saffron rice pilaf and green beans with tomatoes
  • Seared salmon with roasted harissa sweet potatoes squash ribbons and citrus butter sauce
  • Grilled shrimp with roasted peppers, fennel, olives in a tomato saffron broth
  • Vegetable Tangine with stew of vegetables spiced in the moroccan tradition served with cous cous.


  • Walnut and honey cigars with an orange blossom pan a cotta
  • Tahini chocolate cake with Syrah cherry compote
  • Seasonal fruit tartlets.