Who was Yay Yay?

Yay Yay’s was named after our founder and CEO Charlotte Miller’s great grandmother. A woman only known to Charlotte through tall tales, facts, and her relatives vague memories. Yay Yay was a creole woman living in Mississippi and New Orleans in the height of the roaring 20s.

Yay Yay
Yay Yay

While her name was Evelyn, she quickly picked up the nickname Yay Yay because her arrival was good time that would make people shout with joy

When Yay Yay was a young girl her life changed forever when she caught the eye of an Irish train engineer. This man was able to take her to cities and places excluded to most people of color in the south. Yay Yay was able to experience night clubs, restaurants, hotels, and shops that offered the most luxurious things. It was common to see Yay Yay wearing alligator shoes and fur coats. 

Her adventures led her to travel to New York where she was able to purchase the latest of fashions. She loved the city so much in her older life she would settle down and live there.

Yay Yay was a lover of whiskey and believed that champagne came from God himself.

Charlotte’s Grandmother, who was also named Evelyn, learned the appreciation of the finer things in life and how to entertain and treat guests from her mother Yay Yay. This knowledge has continued to be passed down and is the inspiration for the experience Charlotte now wants to provide.